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Upgrade to the Advanced Membership if you are serious about Search Engine Optimization.

From Wikipedia.com : Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings.

It has been well-known for some time that backlinks are among the foremost factor in your site rankings in the search engines.� Every backlink to your site is a "vote" for your site, so the more you get, the better your site will rank.� That simple.

For the average site, more than 80% of all traffic comes directly for search engines so backlinks are where most webmasters spend a considerable amount of time. Utilitizing EZLinkSystem.com is the first step is both saving a massive amount of time, but also better results. The Advanced Membership takes it a step further with better tools as your disposal for the best possible SEO and site rank gains.

Our Free Memberships are quite excellent and for the average webmaster yields great results.� The Advanced Membership is for those who want even more, what we call The Total SEO PackageTM.

You are probably wondering to yourself why you would even need this.� Afterall, you get a great system for free, what could be better.� If you are going through all the trouble to improve your SERPs(Search Engine Result Position) then you no doubt already realize that every bit you can improve gives you an edge .. and the Advanced Membership gives you quite a bit.

Advanced Membership Key Features

Feature Why It is Important
Use Random Link Text(RLT) to vary how the link to your site appears on other sites. 1 very major reason this is critical.� Having the same backlink text everywhere can look fake and spammy to search engines, Google in particular.� Varied texts looks much more natural and carries a much larger weight to the backlinks.
Setup your own custom categories and subcategories for a unique link page. The more unique any content is on the internet, the better as far as search engines are concerned.� With custom categories you decide what categories and sub-categories you show on your link page.� Not only does this benefit the look of your site and appear better to users, but it highly appeals to search engines as well.
No footprint of our site on your pages. Only you will know that you are using the latest SEO tool to help you make much faster gains.
Get listed before free sites in the directory, link partner pages, and link approval pages. Your site appears before the free memberships, meaning you get more links requests and faster link approvals, for a much accelerated SEO-building experience.

The best thing is that there is no change to your website on an upgrade.� The same one script that you uploaded stays the same.� Your changes are done directly on this website.� Once you upgrade, within moments you will have access to all the great Advanced Membership options.

If you are aiming for the top, the Advanced Membership is the only way to go.

*The Advanced Membership is a per-month fee per-site that can be cancelled at any time. All Advanced Memberships beyond the first are discounted at 50% per subscription.

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