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Service Overview

EZLinkSystem.com is a link exchange service that allows users to trade links with other webmasters much more effectively.

The goal of our service simple. As a webmaster, trading links with other webmasters is very tedious and time-consuming. Emails exchanging, and it frequently takes weeks, if at all, to get a link partner. With our service, you can trade links with other webmasters actively seeking link partners, and doing it in moments.

In a nutshell, EZLinkSystem.com is this easy to get going.
  1. Register for a EZLinkSystem.com account.
  2. Add a site to your account. Finish setting up the site by putting the installation code on your website, and link to it from your main page.
  3. Trade links with other members. This includes both requesting trades, but also responding to incoming trade requests.
  4. If a link partner removes your link from their site, your link to them is automatically removed. No need to ever monitor links with our software.
It really is that simple. Within minutes, you will be up and trading links with other members and making the most of your link-building time.

EZLinkSystem.com is vastly different than the old ways of trading links in many ways:
  1. You are trading links with other webmasters who are actively looking to trade links. This eliminates the old way of emailing webmasters and having most of them never even answer the request.
  2. You exchange from your control panel on EZLinkSystem.com, so there is no actual html changes to your website. All links are in real-time, meaning as soon as it is approved, it is on the internet instantly.
  3. Link partners cannot use to avoid giving you a good link. This is very important as frequently webmasters change this using most other ways after the link partnership has been established. When using EZLinkSystem.com, a link partner will always be giving you a valid link.
  4. Much more time efficient. Your link campaigns increase 10x the old manual way.
  5. Better results and vastly cheaper than hiring a SEO guru to help you.
A service like this is optimal for search engine optimization because you are finding relevant link partners, and at a natural speed. It is well-known that the instant automated link exchanges that make your site instantly appear on thousands of sites overnight can easily get it flagged and banned from search engines, so we recommend against using exchanges of that type.

The free plan limits the number of link requests to 25 per day per site, while the Advanced Membership has no limit. The advanced plan also has many other great options to make your SEO work even more successful.

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